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NiiceOne Review: New King of the sub-£100 market?


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Finding a vape for under £100 has never been easier. In the UK, the vaping market is saturated with affordable, low-cost vapes that are ripe for the picking. Naturally, it’s become one of the most competitive parts of the industry.

Each new vape is pitted against the next, based on a list of crucial factors that contribute to the overall vaping experience. Once in a while, comes along a vape that shuts down the competition, rising so effortlessly to the top due to its infallible quality and incredible value-to-cost ratio.

NiiceTech is a UK brand better known for their grinders and vaporizer cleaning solution but their first dry herb vaporizer, the NiiceOne is fast winning a place amongst the sub £100 market royalty. Could it be the top-dog vape? Here’s my verdict.

 Three things we love about the NiiceOne:

✅ Effortlessly vapes herb and concentrates

niiceone and its accessories
niiceone has all the accessories you need to switch between cannabis herb and cannabis extracts

Choice is often limited in low-cost vapes, and the NiiceOne satisfyingly bucks this trend right from the get-go. Almost unbelievably, both dry herb and concentrate can be effectively burned in its dual-oven. 

Speaking of the oven, it’s made entirely of medical-grade ceramic and stainless steel, meaning that whatever material you put in the oven, you’re guaranteed an even heat-through. In fact, we noticed that unlike other affordable dual-vape products on the market, the NiiceOne vaped both concentrate and herb equally well. Not once did our herbs fry or our concentrate fails to vaporize, and in return, we got to enjoy the tasty, high-quality vapour.

What this suggested to us is that the NiiceOne is made from quality materials that get the job done. Something which you don’t often see in vapes under £100.

We had to note that due to its versatility of vaping materials, the NiiceOne is a one-stop-shop vape -especially for rookie vapers who aren’t sure if concentrate or herb (or both) is their thing yet. They can freely experiment without having to buy another vape in the long-run.

Precise temperature control

It has to be said that when we first unboxed the NiiceOne, we were expecting set, rigid temperature controls. We’re used to having about 5 – 10 temperature settings to choose from on budget vapes; it’s usually no problem.

Imagine our surprise when we found that not only could temperature be selected right down to 1C increments but also on a whopping scale from 175C to 235C – that’s pretty big. This nifty feature gave us the freedom to get our vapour just right. Squeezing every last cannabinoid from our herb and concentrate was easy!

Moreover, the NiiceOne is kitted out with a nifty LED touch screen that makes controlling temperature a walk in the park. There’s no heavy pressing, squinting to see, or mistakes – just easy vaping and quick temperature selection.

Incredibly easy to produce vapour

the niiceone’s stainless steel oven produces vapour easy!

We, and supposedly most other vapers, aren’t fans of hanging around for vapour to make an appearance. The time it takes for vapour to appear is the result of numerous factors. Oven contents, air path length, quality of materials, and heat-up time just to name a few.

However, where the real power behind it all lies is in the battery. For the NiiceOne, that battery is an impressive 2680 mAh Li-ion battery. This powerhouse unit cell is known for gifting lightning-paced heat-up times to vapes, and it performs sublimely in the NiiceOne.

All we had to do was select our temperature, and before we had time to think, the vape was ready to go! Dynamic heating is a must for an excellent vaping experience, and the NiiceOne brings it to the table.

Now, with fast heat-up times always comes the fear of charred or burnt herb, some of us were expecting a mouthful of tasteless, drab, and disappointing vapour.

On the contrary, we were treated to somewhat smooth vapour clouds of satisfying flavour. Plus, no one got impatient with the NiiceOne even once, and that’s more than we can say for many of its market counterparts.

 One thing we didn’t like about the NiiceOne

❌ The NiiceOne has a short air-path

While the rest of the NiiceOne flawlessly clears every hurdle, it just falls short in one aspect: a short air path. When vapour travels from the oven to the mouthpiece of a vape, it’s given time to calibrate, cool down, and gain a sort of texture. So, the longer the air path, the better. Not only does it help vapers to avoid burning their mouths from a hot burst of vapour, but it also produces tastier results. More flavorful notes can be detected when the vapour is cool.

While not the end of the world and still not knocking the NiiceOne off its throne, it has to be admitted that it produces rather hot vapour. The vape’s oven is a bit too close to the mouthpiece for comfort, which can lead to somewhat flavourless vapour if the temperature settings aren’t chosen wisely.

And that’s the only thing we’d change about the NiiceOne – we’d put its oven farther away from the mouthpiece.

Conclusion – is it the new king of sub £100?

niiceone box
even the box has a striking minimalist design

Yes! Currently, the NiiceOne has eclipsed all other low-cost vapes in our minds. When you’re presented with quality craftmanship, high-tech features, and an impressive level of customization all packed into a compact, sleek body for under £100, there’s no point in looking elsewhere. 

There’s simply no low-cost vape as of now that can rival the NiiceOne. If someone manages to construct a vape entirely similar to the NiiceOne with the only change being a longer air path – we’ll reconsider. Until then, the NiiceOne is our top-dog.

While we can’t recommend it enough to everyone, we figure it’s better suited for beginner vapers who want the authentic experience without having to fork out. The simple and easy controls paired with versatility make it the perfect all-around vape for experimenting with.

However, at the end of the day, we’ll be adding it to our vape collections for sure.

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