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Mighty Vaporizer | Read before you buy | Still a beast in 2020? (UK Review)

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As you may already know, I’m a massive fan of Storz & Bickel and I can often be found singing praises of the Volcano and the Crafty to the moon and back!

I was really excited to receive The Mighty. This dry herb Vaporizer is reputed to combine the power of the Volcano and the portability of the Crafty with very little compromise. This to me, sounds pretty much like the perfect vaporizer.

As such, The Mighty is affectionately described within the UK cannabis community as THE Beast of all portable vaporizers so I thought it was time to see if it deserved that reputation.


It is important to only purchase the Mighty from official Storz & Bickel partners. This not only ensures that you’re buying the official product, but it also ensures you’re covered by S&B’s generous two-year warranty. If buying in the UK I recommend:

Vape Elevate£245

Three things I love about the Mighty Dry Herb Vaporizer

✔️ Hybrid heating technology

Generally, dry herb vaporizer ovens work either by convection or conduction. Conduct heats by touch and produces vapour from your cannabis very quickly. Conversely, convection heats by creating an atmosphere of hot air inside the oven

Well, the Mighty has hybrid heating technology meaning it heats via conduction and convection. In my personal opinion, it provides the best vaping experience of any portable vaporizer I have ever tried. In fact, it won our ‘if money is no object‘ award of 2019.

The main advantage of the hybrid oven is that it is able to create vapour that is as flavourful as it is dense. It really did seem like I was squeezing out every available terpene and cannabinoid in my weed. 0.1 grams of cannabis went a long way.

Overall, in terms or vaping experience, The Mighty provides the closest experience to the volcano and I’d argue it betters many desktop vaporizers too.

✔️ It’s Powerful

The Mighty – Straight Fire

The Mighty wouldn’t be very mighty if it wasn’t powerful! Thankfully, it is powered by 2x2600mah lithium-ion batteries which to my knowledge is the most power available in any portable dry herb vaporizer.

I timed 85 minutes of continuous oven time which for me translates into 7 or 8 individual vaping sessions.

Another benefit is the ‘pass-through’ charging. This is great because it can charge whilst you’re using it. This sounds like a little thing but it is really useful if your battery dies in the middle of a session.

✔️ The Mighty is built really, really well

Like most things German, and all things Storz and Bickle, the Mighty is a very well designed vaporizer.

It may not have the supermodel looks of the Pax 3 or DaVinci. Instead, The Mighty resembles a power tool because it is a power tool and it is engineered for performance.

Despite being plastic, the vaporizer is surprisingly dense and has a nice weight to it. I haven’t dropped mine yet but I imagine it could take a knock.

Normally, I would warn you to stay away from any vaporizer with a plastic internal air path due to toxins but The Mighty has no such problem. The plastic used is expertly designed to withstand high levels of heat and not affect the flavour at all.

The dual batteries are positioned on either side of the oven. I suppose this is to prolong the long-term life of the batteries by keeping them away from the heat.

Also, it has a cooling unit and it is a work of genius. It effortlessly turns your hot vapour into cool, fluffy clouds and brings your weed to a temperature where you can taste every single terpene.

By far the best thing about the Mighty is how all of the above is engineered to come together to provide the ultimate weed vaping experience. The Mighty effortlessly delivers every. single. time.

What I would change about the Mighty Dry Herb Vaporizer

❌ For a portable vaporizer, it’s not very….. portable!

Earlier I described The Mighty as the best portable cannabis vaporizer but I have a confession to make.

I have never used it as a portable vaporizer – it is just a little bit too big for me – sorry! My definition of portable is that I can carry it without hindrance in my pocket. I can safely say you will not carry The Mighty in your pocket; especially if your liable to be wearing skinny jeans.

If the Volcano is a desktop computer and the Crafty is a mobile phone, the Mighty is very much a tablet. You can take it out… but generally, you will be using it on your sofa!

It’s not just big it is also quite heavy too. It weighs 250mg which may not sound like a lot until you compare it to the Pax which is very portable and weighs in at just 90g.

There’s is no way to discreetly use the Mighty. My advice is to use it only in places you’re comfortable to be seen vaping cannabis.

Two other minor gripes :

  • It doesn’t have a USB charger – it uses an S&B propriety one. Again this is fine if you’re at home but if you run out of juice at your friend’s it is unlikely a spare charger will be available.
  • It doesn’t stand up very well – it falls over so easy. Which is minor but annoying all the same.

So, is the Mighty still a beast in 2019?

Yes! The Mighty is an absolute powerhouse and fully deserving of its name.

It may not be perfect for days out but for what it lacks in portability it makes up in raw power and performance.

It quite simply provides the thickest and most flavourful clouds of any portable vaporizer I have tried. It comes darn close to many a desktop vaporizer too.

The price may seem high for a vaping novice but if you are a vape-head like myself and are looking for the best performance, this is pretty much the vape you’ve been looking for if you can afford the price tag.

I’ve heard The Ghost delivers a similar performance but I’m yet to try it so until I do The Mighty is best portable vaporizer if money is not a consideration.

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