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Is the Hydrology 9 Vaporizer as Cool as Its Design? | Read before you buy!

Industry startup Cloudious9 is getting creative with their vaporizers. 

The vape community have been taking an interest in the Hydrology 9 vaporizer for its unique and futuristic build. Non-vapers even took a second glance because the device seems like something out of Star Wars!

This is most definitely of the coolest-looking models on the market and is pricey to boot. Can it compete with the other cult favourites? 


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3 Things I Liked About the Vape

The device is traditional – in a good way

The Hydrology 9 creates a bong-like experience with its water-cooling system. 

It is typical for herbal vaporizers to gently toast the herbs that are being used instead of burning them. It scares away the carcinogens and leaves (no pun intended) its users with the best elements of the cannabis and the essential oils present. 

With its integrated stirring tool, the water cooler works wonders for bringing down vapour temperature. When working with herbs, the model adds an extra layer of cooling through the extra filter. 

The model takes users back to a simpler time using a fool-proof system known by many. 

The Hydrology 9 is, well, really cool

Green Hydrology 9 UK
Comes from outta earth

While its functionality is more traditional, this product does have a futuristic look. In fact, the Hydrology 9 is bound to turn heads. Made with polished steel and well-crafted glass, it’s safe to say this novel design is easy on the eyes. 

It truly gives off a lightsaber look with the additional LED lights that indicate the heat settings. Once the water is in place and the lights are on, you will never lose the Hydrology 9, even at a rave. 

It’s great for beginners  

The Hydrology 9 is great for first-time users. The vapour produced doesn’t have an overpowering quality to it. You would have to smoke through a few sessions before getting the wanted hit or a deeply satisfying session. 

It’s reportedly great for medical purposes too due to the calmer and less potent flavour it produces.  

When you get the hang of it though, you may want to switch this out for a more powerful vaporizer. 

But if you are just looking for a portable herbal vaporizer, why not try this out? 

3 Things I Do Not Like About the Vape 

The Hydrology 9 is not for long-time users

The model produces a weaker cloud than most and is not very flavourful. 

This makes the Hydrology 9 great for first-time users, but definitely not for the pros. Even beginners who want to step up their vape game need to switch the model out for a more powerful one when the time comes. 

Storage is bleak for multiple sessions

Although great for beginners, the Hydrology 9 will definitely not satisfy long-time vape users who need more than a 5-minute session or a few huffs of cannabis. 

It can hold around five grams with room to spare but is still too storage-constrained for real pros. After one session, you would probably need a refill. This can become highly inconvenient to many. 

The Hydrology 9 is pricey

A big turn-off for many is the price of the model. At a whopping £155, users find the device too expensive for just aesthetics. Whilst it has a flashy design, the vapour it produces isn’t potent, making it difficult for vapers to shell out that kind of cash. 

Long-time vapers would much rather purchase a pricier vape that has better features such as being able to exhale a more visual vape cloud. 

But the Hydrology 9 is great for displaying and making conversation because of its distinctive design. 

Does the Hydrology 9 Live Up to Its Design?  

I'll take the Hydrology 9 over Champagne
I’ll take the Hydrology 9 over Champagne any day!

Yes.. and no… but mostly YES

A definite head-turner, the Hydrology 9 has an aesthetically pleasing design that is sure to delight any sci-fi or Star Wars lover. The flashing lights and the sleek layout is elegant and extremely aesthetic. It’s great for showing off. 

Perfect for beginners and for medical use, the model produces a faint taste and a manageable cloud. 

But the less concentrated vapour produced is a double-edged sword. 

Experienced users won’t be satisfied with the potency the Hydrology 9 produces. Besides this, the chamber doesn’t hold a lot of herbs. After a few huffs, you’ll find yourself refilling the device a little too often. Tiresome to many, the model doesn’t hold up to others in this aspect. 

For young padawans in vaping, give it a try if you can afford it. But for long-time users, just as Obi-Wan said, this is not the vape you are looking for. 

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