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Herbstick Relax | Read before you buy! | Premium but affordable? (UK Review)

Herbstick Relax


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There is the only one reputable website that I’m aware of selling the official Herbstick Relax Fyhit in the UK.

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This is the UK’s most comprehensive guide on the Herbstick Relax Fyhit. After reading, you should have all the information you need to decide whether or not the Herbstick Relax Fyhit is right for you.


Who makes the Herbstick Relax?

Over the last ten years or so, Ciggo has been steadily building a sizeable niche for themselves as an affordable dry herb vaporizer brand.

Despite their affordable prices, Ciggo vaporizers perform really well and are generally quite robust. The Herbstick Eco which was one of my first vaporizers and served me well for a couple of years so I was quite looking forward to putting its upgrade the Herbstick Relax to the test.

Three things I like about the Herbstick Relax

✔️ The Price!

You can pick up a Herbstick Relax now for around £60 if you look hard enough. At this price, I think you are really getting a bargain – especially when you weigh up its price against its performance.

I can’t help but feel the engineers at Ciggo have taken inspiration from Pax, especially when looking at the oven. The oven has the same magnetic lid as the Pax 3 however, it has swapped its stainless steel over for a more reliable ceramic oven.

Herbstick Relax oven
The oven looks and performs just like the Pax

The oven is powered by a solid 2200mah battery which provides enough juice to produce vapour in under 20 seconds and will reach maximum temperature in 90. This performance puts the Herbstick Relax in the same class as some vaporizers that retail for twice the price.

It would be fair to describe the Relax as providing a premium experience for twice the price.

✔️ It feels and looks great

The Relax is rather sleek looking for an affordable vaporizer – its smooth body is made from a single sheet of brushed aluminium (inspiration from Pax again perhaps?!). It just feels like a quality vaporizer

The Herbstick Relax isn’t just pretty; it has some premium features too. My favourite feature is the haptic feedback motor. This causes the Relax to vibrate when your herbs are ready to be vaped. This is actually far more useful than it sounds. If you’re like me and enjoy getting high whilst watching TV it means you can watch the TV instead of your vaporizer. It’s very convenient for a relaxing vaping session.

Oh so pretty… and just £60

The Relax is a great vaporizer for travelling – again due to its sleekness. Its really compact measuring at just 106mm x 36.5mm x 24mm. Also, the mouthpiece cleverly rotates and folds back into the body too which is really handy.

Overall, it’s a vaporizer you will not feel in your pocket – the true test of a portable dry herb vaporizer.

✔️ It has a gentle learning curve

Because it has a powerful, stainless steel conduction oven, the Herbstick Relax has a gentle learning curve. As a result, it works well as a nice introductory vape for anyone who is new to vaping and doesn’t want to shell out over £100 on their first vape.

To operate the Herbstick Relax all you need to do is :

  • Turn it on by pressing the power button 5 times
  • Set the temperature using the + and – buttons
  • Wait for your vaporizer to signal that its ready by vibrating
  • Take your hit and enjoy your herbs!

It really is as simple as that!

What I would change about the Herbstick Relax

The Herbstick Relax only vapes cannabis flowers and hash. If you want to vape oils or concentrates you’ll have to look elsewhere. I find this a bit disappointing as there as a few cheaper vaporizers that can handle weed in a variety of forms. Flowermate Aura is one example.

So, can you buy ‘premium’ at an affordable price?

Can I describe the Herbstick Relax as a Pax Lite? When designing the Herbstick Relax, Ciggo clearly looked towards Pax for inspiration and it has paid off. They have managed to take some of the features of a premium vaporizer and squeeze it into an affordable one.

We placed the Herbstick Relax in our best UK Dry Herb Vaporizer list for good reason. If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy your weed but don’t want to have to take out a mortgage to do so, you can’t go far wrong with the Herbstick Relax!

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