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Ghost MV1 Vaporizer UK Review – Does it say boo to the Mighty?!


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For at least the last 5 years, in terms of performance, nothing has come close to the Mighty vaporizer. From experience, there is not a portable vaporizer that will vape your cannabis as efficiently as The Mighty does.

However, the word ‘on road‘ was that the Ghost MV1 was every bit as impressive as The Mighty I was excited to put it through its paces. 

Surprisingly for a new brand, the Ghost MV1 has been boldly priced above the Mighty. The best UK price I could find was £265 compared to £249 for the Mighty. However, does its performance justify this tag..? Let’s find out!

3 things we loved about the Ghost MV1

✅ The Ghost MV1 offers great flavour and thick vapour

Great vapour

The Ghost MV1 delivers amazing flavourful clouds form a minimal amount of cannabis. Its oven only has room for 0.1 grams of cannabis but this is more than enough! It will squeeze every last cannabinoid out of your bud and will get you very high, very quickly!

Also, its ceramic oven offers true convection heating that heats all your cannabis evenly. No longer will you have to pause your session to give the oven a quick stir!

Between the oven and the mouthpiece is an airpath completely isolated from electronics and made only from medically certified materials.

Furthermore, before any vapour reaches your mouth, it is forced through a heatsink. All these features work together to create the nicest tasting vapour I have experience in some time. Lemon Haze will never taste the same again!

The MV1 is no one trick pony; it vapes concentrates and oils just as well. Included in my box was a stainless steel mesh pad. Place a few drops of your oil on there and you’re ready to vape!

Finally, the Ghost has absolutely no draw resistance. This makes it perfect for anyone regardless of the power of your lungs.

✅ The Ghost MV1 has an impressive removable battery

The Ghost MV1 battery is replaceable which is very convenient. On a long day out you can just carry a spare pack rather than looking for a compatible charging port.

Not that you’ll constantly be changing them; a fully charged battery should last an entire day. On avearge, I got five 8-10 minute sessions from each cycle.

✅ The Ghost MV1 offers quick and easy ‘on-demand’ vaping

Ghost mV1 and phone
… and it can be controlled via your phone!

The MV1 is an ‘on-demand’ convection vaporizer. To me, this sounded too good to be true but I was happy to be proven wrong. The device really delivers.

To start, you just hold the ‘vape’ button and within secondes, the device will vibrate to let you know its time for a hit. I still don’t understand how a convection heater can reach vaping temperature so quickly. It is a technological marvel!

The benefit of this ‘on-demand. heating is huge, especially for anyone who micro-doses. Your cannabis is only at vaping temperature when you are ready to take a draw. This means very little cannabis gets wasted.

Quickly, you’ll find that you’re vaping less cannabis but still getting just as high.

3 things I would change about the Ghost MV1

❌ The Ghost MV1 neither portable or stealthy

The Ghost MV1 is one hefty device. If portability is important to you, then this vaporizer is probably not for you! At 350 grams, it is over 100 grams heavier than The Mighty and is not a device you’ll enjoy having in your pocket!

Its size, design, and shape are far from inconspicuous.

❌ The Ghost MV1 has too many spare parts

Lesson 101 of choosing a dry herb vaporizer: the more removable parts a vaporizer has, the more parts you’ll have to replace when you lose them.

Lesson 102 of choosing a dry herb vaporizer: the more removable parts a vaporizer has, the more pieces you’ll have to maintain and clean.

The Ghost MV1 has a lot of spare parts and this is a pain. It is not convenient to carry them all outside the home.

❌ The Ghost MV1 has a learning curve

There is a little bit of technique involved when it comes to inhaling. I found that longer, heavier pulls generate better results. When a vape costs so much, it should be easy to use.

So does the Ghost MV1 beat the Mighty?

Ghost MV1
A class act

This is a hard decision to make as they both have their pros and cons.

Both vaporizers offer great, thick and tasty vapour.

The on-demand heating makes the MV1 the best choice for anyone who micro-doses throughout the day and enjoys quick, sharp sessions.

However, if you enjoy a good, proper session, the Mighty is unparalleled. 

Personally, I think I’ll stick with the Mighty. There is far less ‘faff’ involved; you just pick it up and vape and it’s far easier to clean and maintain too.

However, the MV1 is still one of the best vaping experiences north of £200.

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