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Known for their affordable yet reliable vaporizers, Flowermate presents another model. 

Succeeding the V5.0, the Flowermate AURA is a pen-type vaporizer that is both affordable and compact. At £50, this vaporizer allows users a well-rounded experience working with herbs, wax, and oil. 

Want to learn more about what punches with these tiny vape packs? 

Let’s find out how it stacks up to its competitors!

Where should I buy the Flowermate Aura?

I would suggest only buying the Flowermate Aura from official Flowermate resellers. In the UK these are:

ShopPriceDiscount Code?
Grass City£55N/A
Vape Elevate£52 £46.30 (with code)GreenSoc2020
Magic Vaporziers£58N/A


4 Things I Liked About the Vaporizer

The Flowermate Aura is really convenient to use! ?

Vaping on my flowermate aura
Really easy to vape on

The Flowermate AURA feels and looks robust as it is made of hard plastic. Lightweight enough to carry anywhere, you can easily slip the mouthpiece at your convenience. 

Its design includes an OLED screen that indicates the temperature, buttons to set the desired temperature, and a power button to switch the device on and off. The vaporizer takes approximately 30 seconds to heat up – perfect for on-the-go vaping. 

The Flowermate AURA allows users to control the temperature at small increments. Choose a setting anywhere between 104 – 446 Fahrenheit or 40 – 230 Celsius.

Located at the bottom is a USB port plug for convenient charging.

The Flowermate Aura is easy to maintain ?

This vaporizer is easy to clean. Remove leftover herbs from the heating chamber using the brush that comes with the package. For those who prefer using oil, soak the parts in alcohol or other cleaning products to completely clean them out. 

The only part that needs more careful maintenance is the screen. It needs replacing every now and then.

The Flowermate Aura is combustion-free. ?

A big plus of the Flowermate AURA is its combustion-free feature. 

Even at its highest temperature, the device still produces a clean herb taste. The herbs will never burn, which is evident in the brown leftovers you will find after a session.

The Flowermate AURA is durable  ?

Built with thick, strong plastic, the AURA is highly durable and can withstand regular wear and tear for a long time. And whilst the battery is built-in, that lasts long as well and is easy to charge. After three rounds of charging, the device can last up to 2 hours of constant use.

For any issues with the device, the one year warranty provides peace of mind.

3 Things I Do Not Like About the Vape 

The AURA’s size is not ideal ?

The vaporizer is equipped with a trendy design. Unfortunately, the Flowermate AURA doesn’t easily slip into the pocket. A purse or a small bag is needed to travel with it. 

Most users do not recommend placing the device inside an unattended bag as it can accidentally switch on and heats up. Others don’t mind the size and shape though, so it is a personal preference. 

You aren’t in control of your sessions  ?

Although you can enjoy your vape hands-free, each session is on a time limit. After five minutes, the Flowermate AURA switches off automatically. To use again, users would have to wait until the device has cooled down completely before switching it on.

This is a disadvantage for users who enjoy longer sessions. The constant need to cool down is indicative of an inefficient cooling system. 

High temperatures can be uncomfortable ?

The Flowermate AURA allows users to select low and high temperatures – quite a feat for a smaller device, but the cooling system just can’t keep up. When users select high temperatures, the device tends to get uncomfortably warm. 

The mouthpiece, specifically, can get extremely hot. That makes it difficult to vape in higher temperatures. If users can take it, you might taste a plastic-like flavour along with your smoke. 

Because of the plastic mouthpiece, the vapour path is not as clean compared to its glass counterparts. There have been reports as well of the mouthpiece cracking or breaking. Some may find this inconvenient and for a good reason. 

Is the Device as Good as Its Price?  

Aura and coffee
Vaping with a coffee – my fav

Yes and no. It highly depends on who is using the vaporizer. 

Although the Flowermate AURA is an affordable option for casual vapers, those who prefer smoking at a higher temperature may struggle. There are many things to tweak before it becomes a contender to other premium models. 

The device is also not ideal for relaxed sessions since it sets a limited time per usage, which I personally think is a bit on the short side. 

For those starting out and prefer shorter sessions, this vaporizer could be for you. It allows a wide range of temperatures, which is not common for vaporizers in this price range – I’d recommend avoiding hotter temperatures though! 

The device is easy to maintain for sure, but users are better off buying Flowermate’s other vaporiser models. Specifically, the devices with glass mouthpieces. Besides being able to smoke at hotter temperatures, the taste of plastic is non-existent with the other models. 

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