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Firefly 2 Plus – Is it better than The Mighty? – Detailed UK Review


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The Firefly 2 Plus is the improved version of 2016’s Firefly 2. The time it took for the Firefly 2’s oven to heat up was unparalleled and with 2 Plus they’ve managed to make it even quicker. Furthermore, there is now even more battery capacity and less draw resistance.

The ‘circa £250‘ dry herb niche is currently ruled the Mighty.

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Ghost MV1 which is priced similarly and concluded that it wasn’t quite up to the experience of the Mighty, though it did have its benefits.

How does the Firefly 2 Plus compare? Let’s find out!

What I loved about the Firefly 2 Plus

The Firefly 2 has on-demand heating

99% of vaporizers require you to wait whilst they heat up. Also, the oven stays active between hits which can cause wastage

However, with the Firefly 2, heat up times become a thing of the past because the Firefly 2 offers on-demand heating. 

I was astonished to find I could start vaping from my Flyfly 2 plus in just under 3 seconds and finish a session in well under a minute! No other portable vaporizer will get you high in as little time. 

However, speed and convenience isn’t the only benefit of on-demand heating – it minimises waste too. A vaporizer is at your lips for less than 10% of the time during a vaping session. For the other 90%, your vaporizer is evaporating cannabinoids and terpenes that you will never inhale.

You’ll get increased milage out of your herbs with the Firefly 2 because the on-demand heater is only on when you’re actually using it. 

The Firefly 2’s full convection oven is first class

Unlike most vaporizers, the Firefly 2 Plus uses only convection heating. Convection ovens do have their limitations (their expensive cost) but they have advantages too. Compared to conduction vapes, convection ovens produce superior taste. The Firefly’s vapour is as smooth and as tasty as any other favourite vaporizers. Including the Ghost MV1 and The Mighty.

An added benefit is its advanced heating technology. The oven guarantees that your herbs will never combust ensuring every whisp of vapour hits smoothly and tastes absolutely wonderful.

Another advantage of the convection oven is that it produces very little smell. The Firefly 2 plus is the least smelly of any vaporizer I have ever used – a massive boon for stealth users.

Finally, concentrate lovers will be glad to know that this device handles concentrates very well. Easily better than Pax 3 and quite possibly the best of any multi-purpose vape pen.

The Firefly 2 plus has efficient, replaceable batteries

The biggest complaint with the original Firefly 2 was that the batter wasn’t really up to the standards of a £250 vaporizer.

I’m glad to see that this was addressed for the Firefly 2 Plus. I comfortably enjoyed eight sessions from a fully charged battery.

Another plus is how quickly the device charges; just 50 minutes. If you’re in a rush you can even get it to 80% charge (six sessions) in just 20 mins!

The best thing about the batteries is that they are replaceable! This is a godsend for those of use who go vaping for days at ten in the middle of nowhere!

What I didn’t like about the Firefly 2 Plus

Using the Firefly 2 Plus requires a ‘technique’

No vaporizer that costs over £200 should require a technique. This is what makes The Mighty so great you turn it on and clouds just come so easily.

Unfortunately, the OG Firefly 2 suffers from quite a tight airflow. I would like it to sipping syrup through a straw.

With the 2 Plus, Firefly claims to have increased the airflow by 33%. There was a noticeable difference, However, it still required a technique.

If you use slow long draws you’ll be fine. Those of us who have big lungs and can pull for ten seconds will enjoy the biggest clouds.

You have to stir the Firefly 2’s oven from time to time

As I mentioned earlier, convection vaporizers do have their limitations. One disadvantage is that they do not share the same brute force as conduction ovens.

As a result, in some sessions I found myself having to stir the herbs mid-way through a session to ensure maximum extraction.

After a play around, I found I could achieve full extraction by tapping the oven slightly with a finger. However, after spending £250 on a vaporizer, I shouldn’t have to.

It doesn’t detract from the vaping experience, it’s just a bit annoying.

How does the Firefly 2 compare against the Mighty?

Just like the Ghost MV1, the Firefly 2 Plus comes close to providing a vaping experience as good as the Mighty but isn’t quite there.

The Firefly 2 beats the Mighty on heat-up time and its vapour is just as smooth and tastes just as good.

However, the Mighty wins in vapour production and intuitive. The Mighty may not have high-tech features but as a vaporizer, there is nothing like it.

The Mighty is still my favourite.

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