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Davinci IQC Review – The iPhone Of Dry Herb Vaporizers?

Davinci IQC


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This year’s most anticipated dry herb vaporizer from Davinci features several significant improvements to the already impressive IQ2 model. The IQC comes with a sleek new design and some brand new features, a U.S. FDA-approved antimicrobial polymer to reduce bacteria growth and virus transmission for a more hygienic vaping experience. The IQC is the perfect solution for consumers who want a smooth-hitting compact vape with a Type C charging port. 

4 Things I Like About the Davinci IQC

Owning both models makes it easier for me to compare the two. I’m instantly in love with the shorter charging time. The Davinci IQC battery doesn’t take six hours to charge. Instead, you get a full battery in two hours or less, thanks to the new Type C charging port. 

 ?  The Davinci IQC is easy to use

The latest Davinci is simple for anyone to use. Whether you’re new to vaping dry flowers or a pro, the directions are easy to follow. Choose from one of two modes: Smart Path or Precision.

What’s the Smart Path? 

It slowly raises the device’s temperature throughout your session to ensure you get the full spectrum of cannabis compounds. Each phytocannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid has a different boiling point. When you go past that temperature, it destroys the compound. 

Davinci IQC with smart phone app
The davinci paired with your phone is a game-changer!
The Smart Path adjusts through four options:

Flavor: Keep most of the terpenes and unique flavors of your flowers with 350 – 370 F.

Mind: Relax your mind with a combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids with the mind setting. This mode warms the buds between 370 and 390 F, which is perfect for a slightly calming response that won’t put you to sleep by overcooking the THC into CBN. 

Body: Get a full-body melt with this option, which heats the flowers between 390 F and 410 F.

Rest: Say goodnight with a constant temperature of 410 to 430 F for your late-night vaping session.

What’s the Precision Mode?

The Precision mode allows you to choose the temperature. This feature is ideal for ensuring you get the most amount of THC with each hit. Additionally, you can keep the temp lower to preserve more of the terpenes for a more rounded experience. Precision mode keeps the temperature within one degree of what you choose. When you click on the control button in Precision Mode, it will show the current temperature. From there, you can increase or decrease to the desired amount. 

 ?  The Davinci IQC is customizable 

Between the different smart modes and the flexibility of the precision mode, I’ve found the Davinci IQC the most customizable vaping device on the market. The Android app allows me to troubleshoot problems and lets me track my sessions. I can review the different temperatures and experiences and make adjustments from there. For example, I’ve found turning to the rest option in smart mode is perfect for sleeping, just as the reviews suggest. 

 ?  The vapour produced is so smooth.

The Davinci IQC draws in smooth, cool vapor with little to no coughing. The precise temperature control ensures you get the most out of your flowers. Additionally, I’m using less bud with this latest Davinci model. Vaping with the IQC is healthier, more efficient, and much easier on my wallet.

 ?  The Davinci IQC is High-Quality

Davinci IQC - what's in the box
Davinci IQC comes with everything you need to get vaping!

As you would expect from DaVinci, the newest IQC model has quality design elements. Everything about it feels sturdy and well-made. It’s sleek, comfortable to hold, and overall, looks as good as it works. Also, it’s fast. The device heats up in 30 seconds to whatever temperature you select. DaVinci stands behind its product with a 5-Year Warranty, and it covers defects in materials under normal use. Use the warranty to ensure your vape device is protected since it does come with a high price tag. This guarantee makes me more confident in my purchase.

3 Things I Don’t Like About the Davinci IQC

I love my Davinci IQC. However, there are a few areas where I’m not a fan. It’s relatively expensive, much more than other brands. Additionally, they’ve had a glitch with the app that limits its availability. My biggest concern is the warranty, which is much shorter than its predecessors.  

The Davinci IQC is expensive!

No one denies the quality of the Davinci IQC. It’s high-tech, hits great, and feels wonderful in my hands. It fits like a glove. As an experienced user, I see past the cost because it’s perfect for everyday use. But a novice consumer might want to start with something less expensive. 

The ICQ has no Adjustable Airflow Control System

This one bugs me. Davinci made the device slightly smaller than the previous model and took out the adjustable airflow control system. However, it only took away one feature and added additional ones. The changes reduced the price some. So, if they kept the airflow control, it would have cost more than it does now and wouldn’t fit as nicely in my hand. 

The ICQ has a shorter warranty than the IQ

My previous Davinci had a much more extended warranty, and I’m not sure if the reduced price makes up for five years. At the same time, does anyone keep an electric device for a decade? With technology improving, chances are the Davinci IQC will be a museum piece in 10 years. So, even though this bothers me some, I know the five-year warranty is more than enough. 

Conclusion: Is It Really the iPhone of Dry Herb Vaporizers?

On the trail with my IQC
On the trail with my IQC

If you want a high-end vaporizer, the Davinci IQC is worth it. It has so many unique features and functions. Personally, I’ve never experienced another product like this one on the market. All of its elements work together seamlessly to give me a superior vaping experience with every use. I’ve seen people who can’t get past the high price tag. But if you value your health enough to invest in a vaporizer, I don’t know how it could get better than this product.

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