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Davinci IQ2 – Read Before You Buy! | A Worthy Flagship? (UK Review)

Davinci IQ2 Review


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A heavy-hitter in the vape community, DaVinci has once again produced an awesome device! 

Known for combining technological innovations with top-class performance, DaVinci’s IQ2 boasts further upgrades compared to the previous models. Besides the device’s portability, the IQ2 allows users to fully customise their vaping experience. 

Looking forward to learning more about the DaVinci IQ2? 

I’m here to shed light on this device. 

4 Things I Liked About the Vape 

The device is straightforward to use

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The perfect way to start the morning

The Davinci IQ2 is easy to use whether you’re a beginner or a pro. 

Once the device is switched on, you can enter two modes: Smart Path or Precision. The Smart Path, which is the preset temperature mode, slowly raises the temperature in 20-degree increments as your vape session rolls along. 

On the other hand, the Precision mode works when the device is already in Smart Path mode. During this, the device heats up to your desired temperature, give or take a degree. Through this, I was able to extract active compounds when at the appropriate boiling point. 

I found the model easy to fill as well, even as a dry herb vaporizer. The shape and the material of the IQ2 make it convenient to fill the chamber. I didn’t experience any spillage, making the device perfect for on-the-go vape sessions. 

Fully customisable vaping sessions

The DaVinci IQ2 offers a smartphone app that allows me to tailor-fit my vaping session.

Available for all IQ vaporizers, the app offers precise temperature control, further information and resources, as well as real-time tracking of sessions. Additionally, the app offers walkthroughs for the device and troubleshooting fixes when the model starts to have issues. 

It’s like having a personal vape expert with me!

The IQ2 produces comfortable vapour

The device understands what vape enthusiasts want from their devices. 

The model features an air dial located at the bottom of the device. It allowed me to fully control my sessions, just the way I wanted. I was able to select from 5 different settings to get either thin and cool or thick and warm vapour. 

The IQ2 also has a dosing feature that helped me control the amount of THC and CBD I was sipping. Whilst dosing control isn’t exactly new in the industry, the DaVinci IQ2 is the first to have this feature for dry herb vaporizers. 

To use, simply pack the vape and switch on. Then, click the power button twice and enter the desired dosage. The device will display your consumption per hit. 

Overall, the quality is just superb 

What's in the box of davinci iq2
What’s in the box?

The manner in which the IQ2 is designed and built is a treat.

The model is sleek yet comfortable to grip. With its brushed and anodised aluminium exterior, the IQ2 truly feels like a class-act. Even though they buffed the size, it’s still convenient to slip in the pocket with no issues.

The newly introduced Air Dial is etched using a laser, giving it a precise, expensive look. It also feels expensive as you position it with a click. Located at the bottom of the device, this feature allowed me to adjust the airflow and the draw resistance to my liking.  

2 Things I Don’t Like About the Vape

The price range is steep

The quality of the DaVinci IQ2 is excellent, but its price is a different story. 

Starting at approximately £183, the price tag of the model is no joke. This may not be ideal for beginners trying to learn the ropes. Even pros shy away from the cost. 

However, if you really want a high-quality vaporizer and you have the money to spend, then the IQ2 won’t disappoint.  

Issues with certain features and functions

There are a few things to fix with the DaVinci IQ2 before it becomes my top pick. 

I found the cap to be fiddly when it’s opened and shut. Because of this, the luxurious feel of the vaporizer takes a bit of a hit. 

The app has also caused issues amongst the vaping community, especially with Apple pulling out all vape applications in their app store as of 2019. At the moment, the DaVinci app is only available on Android devices. 

Is the DaVinci 2 Able to Keep Up with Its Predecessors? 

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It now goes with me everywhere!

Yes, it can! 

The DaVinci IQ2 can be used by both beginners and long-time users with ease – no fancy buttons to get confused with. The oven is easy to fill and is mess-proof, adding to its portability factor. 

The quality of the device is outstanding as well, it comes with great flavour and cool vapour clouds in each sip. I thoroughly enjoyed the IQ2 even more so because of its customisable features. I had a blast tinkering with the temperature modes and settings on the DaVinci smartphone app. 

Unfortunately, the model is not for those who are looking to test the waters or a budget-friendly option. The jaw-dropping price tag scares many away, especially since there are more affordable options on the market with similar functions. 

But, as I’ve said, if you have the budget for it, then the DaVinci IQ2 is an amazing dry herb vaporizer and is a premium device you would be proud to have in your arsenal.

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