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Boundless CFX – Detailed Review – Premium performance at an affordable price?


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The Boundless CFX has many fans within the vaping community who argue it offers the best combination of price and performance.

On first impressions, it reminded me of the Flowermate UNO. This was a vape I didn’t really enjoy so I initially I was not expecting much.

However, I don’t think it’s Flowermate that Boundless want you to have in mind. After actually using the device, I imagine Boundless were channelling Storz & Bickel when designing the CFX. It shares similar features with both the Crafty and Mighty.

The Crafty and Mighty are two of my favourite weed vaporizers of all time. The Boundless CFX is nearly half the price of these devices. If it can come even close to the performance of the Mighty, then for me, its a winner…

..Or does half the price actually mean half the quality?   Let’s find out!

I purchased this vape from, they nearly always have some sort of promotion going on and they’re a great shop to buy cannabis vaporizers.

If you like the Boundless CFX check out my reviews for The Mighty and Flowermate UNO. I refer both these vapes extensively in this review for a comparison with the CFX.

What I liked about the Boundless CFX

✅ The Boundless CFX produces great vapour

I place cannabis vaporizers in three categories: cheap (under £100), mid-range (£100 – 150) and premium (£150+).

The quality of the vapour produced from the Boundless CFX blows away all its mid-range peers. In fact, it steps on the toes of several devices in the premium category!

Boundless have tried to ‘out-mighty’ the Mighty and have stuck an unprecedented 80-watt heating element. This dwarves the 30-watt element in the Mighty.

The result is that big, thick clouds are easily produced. Typically, dense clouds usually suggests that a concession has been made in flavour and harshness. Fortunately, the CFX has this covered. Both the lid and mouthpiece work together to cool the vapour down before it reaches your mouth. Not only will your clouds be dense, but they’ll also be tasty and smooth too – even at max temperatures

✅ The Boundless CFX boasts Hybrid Heating technology

Boundless CFX Oven

Boundless pitch the CFX as having hybrid heating technology just like the Crafty and Mighty.

Hybrid heating is advantageous because it has the benefits of both conduction and convection heating. This helps ensure maximum extraction of your precious cannabinoids and terpenes

After playing around with the vape, I would say that it does indeed have hybrid heating. However, it leans more towards conduction than convection. This actually works quite well. Using conduction, it’ll quickly reach vaping temperature and produce flavourful clouds. During your session, the air starts to warm and heat your bud. Then the convection kicks in providing a much-needed flavour boost.

Also, this oven is incredibly quick! It can reach max temperature in around 25 seconds. This means that despite the CFX being a traditional session vape, it almost qualifies as an on-demand vape. You can pull it out, switch it on and take a few hits in well under a minute; impressed.

✅ The Boundless CFX has a great battery

Again, the CFX takes inspiration from the Mighty and uses two 2500mAh batteries. This is enough juice to easily outlast the Crafty on a full charge but just falls short of the Mighty’s performance.

I got nine 5 minute sessions from a full charge. This is more than enough to keep me stoned for the duration of a day.

What makes this battery stand out, however, is its charging time. 0 to 100 in 30 mins; real quick!

✅ The Boundless CFX is really easy to use

The Boundless CFX is very much a ‘pick up & play’ vape. It is incredibly easy to use; in fact, it’s idiot-proof. Stick your weed in the oven, turn it on and within twenty seconds your taking your first hit. No special technique is required.

On the front of the device is a really clear speedometer-style LCD screen. It’ll let you know the temperature, how long you’ve been vaping and how much battery you have left.

I’d be surprised if you have to refer to the instruction manual even once!

What I didn’t like about the Boundless CFX

❌ The Boundless CFX isn’t very portable

Big Boundless CFX
The Boundless CFX and Mighty are similar in size

Just like the Mighty, the Boundless CFX is not designed for those with small pockets.

To be honest, it stretches the boundaries of what portable is – it’ll fit in your pocket but it will not be comfortable. It measures in at 12.7cm x 6.4 cm and weighs a hefty 208 grams.

If you vape at mainly at home, then great news but if like me, you vape on the go, you may want to think twice.

❌ The Boundless CFX has a plastic case

Despite its solid performance, its plastic casing serves as a reminder that its not a true premium vape.

Cheaper vapes have aluminium casing and this feels and looks nice.

But really this is a minor quibble and does not affect the performance in any way at all.

Does the Boundless CFX produce a premium vaping experience?

Yes. The Boundless CFX blows similarly priced competition such as the Flowermate Uno out of the water.

I expect a premium vape to deliver dense, flavourful clouds with minimal effort required.

The Boundless delivers this and then more.

Most £200+ vaporizers offer features such as programmable temperatures and smartphone connectivity.

If you don’t mind not having access to this, want a great vaping experience but are not sure about spending over £200 then the Boundless CFX is perfect for you.

I would recommend the Boundless CFX for both noobs and veterans.

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