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What are the best CBD brands in the UK?

CBD sales are spreading like wildfire across the UK. There’s simply no getting away from it, as the anti-cannabis mindset of UK society has changed, so too, has the attitude towards the relatively harmless CBD. 

Furthermore, with widely read scientific papers suggesting that CBD has the power to calm chronic mental illness such and anxiety or depression while also alleviating bodily pain – it just seems too good to pass up. 

Celebrities may be promoting CBD brands left, right and centre while self-proclaimed CBD-experts claim to have found the best strain, but what UK-based CBD brand really comes out on top? Find out for yourself:


provacan cbd

If you are looking for the top CBD oil company in the UK, look no further than Provacan. Provacan was founded by Israeli-based cannabis biotech company, CiiTECH. Since CBD was discovered in Israel, its universities have been leading the race in CBD innovations. Through Provacan, CiiTECH harnesses these discoveries and applies them in their long-lasting and potent CBD products.

Offering a wide range of dosages from 600mg to 2400mg, you can be sure that you’re in for a soothing and guilt-free experience due to Provocan’s tight anti-pesticide/herbicide regulations. By using supercritical CO2 extraction equipment, Provocan ensures the highest Cannabidiol content possible for all their dosages.

Moreover, their top-rate CBD is extracted from certified UK hemp plants and contains less than 0.05% THC meaning that its well within the legal range!

Elevate CBD 

cbd elevate

You’ve not had the best CBD vaping experience if you’ve not tried out Elevate’s CBD e-liquid. With many user reviews touting it as the CBD oil experience of their lives – you’re going to want to give this one a try.

Elevate’s CBD E-liquid is composed of Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol, Natural Flavours, and of course – Cannabidiol. And there’s no shortage of that “last but not the least” ingredient with their 10ml bottles containing up to 200mg of CBD.

 All of their products are meticulously lab-tested to make sure no pesky herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer traces get mixed into the formula – all the better for you! Moreover, their CBD oil is compatible with any vaporizer making it one of the most convenient oils on the market.



CBDfx is the heart of CBD brands in the UK with its lovingly and thoughtfully crafted products. And it’s no surprise as to why – the company was founded by Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers in 2014 with the aim of creating the most user-friendly, fun, and creative CBD products on the market – and they succeeded with flying colours!

Six years later, CBDfx have grown from their San Fernando Valley roots to solidify their place as one of the largest CBD brands with their 100 employees and worldwide recognition.

Using only the finest grown Hemp, CBDfx has succeeded in creating 50 premium unique CBD products. And the “unique” part of their brand description can’t be stressed enough. By offering original products from CBD face masks to vape juices, their innovation is truly unprecedented.

CBDfx have also made a name for themselves as trail-blazers by revolutionizing the CBD scene with their terpene-infused CBD products. These scientifically formulated mixtures have softened the public image of CBD and prompted many to test it for themselves.

However, most importantly, through their relentless dedication, passion, and constant production of high-quality CBD products, CBDfx have won over many loyal customers that enjoy their products every day!

Love CBD 


Love CBD does exactly what it says on the tin – loves CBD. And it’s immediately obvious by just looking at the care and passion they invest in the careful creation of their products. First, you just need to look at their signature Entourage Oil which incorporates the “Entourage Effect” to its full effect. This effect is achieved by combining cannabis extracts grown in different climates to reap their maximum individual potency in one super-effective formula. 

This intriguing international CBD mix is sourced from cannabis grown in the Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Croatia – all high-quality strains. The entourage mix is made up of not only cannabis extract but also olive oil for optimal dosage. In this mix are several potent cannabinoids such as CBD, CBDA, CBG, and CBC.

Working together, these cannabinoids produce the classical cannabis aroma and of course – the relaxing effects are guaranteed.

Another unique product from Love CBD is Dutch CBD Oil which is crafted to bring the power of Holland’s highest-quality cannabis to you – amazing! There’s also Love CBD balm that’s specially designed for those skin-care lovers among us. Containing extract of hand-harvested cannabis flowers that are carefully grown in Slovenia and Croatia – the formula is specially mixed to create a gentle and nourishing effect.


Meet Harmony

Harmony is an international CBD company that mixes business, science, and entrepreneurship to squeeze every last drop out of CBD oil – and that’s exactly what makes it not only a leading CBD brand in the UK but also worldwide. With bases in Barcelona, Paris, London, and Lima, Harmony has a strong foothold on the global CBD stage while also supplying continuous science-based CBD innovations.

Antonin Cohen, the founder of Harmony, commenced his study on the usage and benefits of Hemp in 2008. Since then, he has worked with world-leading scientists and entrepreneurs in an attempt to concoct the optimal CBD oil recipe.

By doing this, Cohen aimed to fuse nature and science to make a CBD strain that could be accessible to the wider public without fear of legality or safety. This was successfully achieved while also improving CBD’s image in the eyes of many – encouraging ex-sceptics to try CBD.

And finally, what truly places Harmony in a league of its own is its goal to make the development of CBD products affordable which is immensely beneficial to those who wish to use CBD for medical reasons or life improvement.

So, in a world full of growing curiosity towards the CBD world, it’s worthwhile learning the ins and outs of the stand-out CBD brands. The assets of these brands have been lauded far and wide by regular CBD USERS And of course, they’re the perfect brands to start your CBD journey with! Why not take your picks and enter the delightfully peaceful world of CBD?

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