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Arizer Air II – Read before you buy | Is it really the best Arizer? (UK Review)


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Vapes are big money. Gone are the days when a few premium companies dominated the market. Today, the choice is spectacular. However, high-end vapes will set you back hundreds of dollars. Unsurprisingly, vape-users are hunting for a quality vape that blends smooth, tasty vapour with a durable product.

Arizer – already renowned for their modern portable vaporizers –recently introduced the Air II. This shiny new upgrade expands upon its already impressive predecessor. More colours, a larger display for precision temperature control, and improved battery life set the Air II apart. At $229.99, the Arizer Air II is a serious contender for the best vape on the market. 

But is it perfect? In this review, we’ll breakdown the best features of the product, exploring the ins and outs of this dry herb vaporizer. Then, we’ll consider a few of the downsides, to get a balanced picture of this mastery of modern engineering.  So, let’s get started.

Three things I love about the Arizer Air II

? The Arizer Air II produces great taste

arizer air 2 with cannabis

Inside the slick black design, the vape houses some impressive kit. Combining stainless steel, glass, and ceramic, the Air II superheats the herb, via conduction and convection, to produce a smooth and delicious flavour. Such excellence is unsurprising; the first Air delivered the same remarkable trademark vapour. Cooled by the side vents, the vapour arrives in your mouth, ready for you to enjoy the subtle, mellow flavours.

Nor, is there any chance of the flavour being disrupted by unclean parts of the product.  From the heating chamber, it is sucked straight through the glass stem and into your mouth. Plus, by using ‘heat jets,’ you can draw down harder without any chance of burning yourself.

? The Arizer Air II’s temperature settings are so precise!

Upgraded for this version, the Air II has flawless precision temperature control. No longer are you limited by the five temperature settings of its predecessor. Here, you can control the temperature down to the degree. So, whether you want to have a slow, mellow simmer or turn up the heat for an intense and powerful kick, the choice is yours. Additionally, the Air II powers up to an impressive 428F (220C) – an incredible 10C increase on the original Air. 

? The Arizer Air II has a powerful, long-lasting battery

Once again, the Air II has been supercharged from the original. This time it’s the battery which has seen an upgrade. Where before you had a single hour in the tank, the Air II will last up to 75-80 minutes, with a 3200 mAh capacity. The battery takes around two hours to recharge, which is a little long. However, you can vape while you charge, via the pass-through charging system. 

Amazingly, the battery also slips outs and can be replaced with a new, ready charged 18650 battery. So, if you’re out and want a more extended session, you’ll be able to boost your time with a spare battery. Plus, if the battery ever does die, it’s easy to add a new one.

Two things I did not enjoy about the Arizer Air II

arizer air 2 is big

? The Arizer Air II is pretty hefty!

While the Air II is most definitely portable, some will consider it a little conspicuous. Packing extra battery space and heating equipment into the device naturally sacrifices space. The device isn’t necessarily weighty, but nor is it light as a feather. Moreover, with a separate glass stem attachment, the Air II loses points for portability. You don’t want to head out, only to find you lost the attachment on the way over, rendering the device useless. However, you will receive a ‘cool dad’ belt clip, to which you can attach the device and extra stems. 

In short, the Air II isn’t overly bulky but is larger than average. However, if you’re looking for a device you can hide in your hand, the Air II isn’t for you. If you’re planning on using it at home, then the Air II is effortless.

? The Arizer Air II’s heat up time is pretty slow.

Ok, we’re being a little picky. As mentioned, the Air II is a significant upgrade, with a hotter chamber and improved precision temperature control. However, it will take a minute or two to heat up, albeit still faster than the original. It’ll hit 390F in 78 seconds, and then the maximum 428F within 115 seconds. Relatively quick by most standards, but glacially compared to the Air II’s hottest competitors. It all depends on the session you’re after. If you prefer a chilled evening with no rush, the Air II is a dream. Whereas, if you’re after on-demand heat, the Air II is the turtle to the hare. Heading to a concert or film this weekend, then the Air II isn’t ideal.

So, is the Arizer II the best Arizer available?

Leaps and bounds better than the original, the Arizer Air II provides an exceptional vaping experience. The new precision temperature control solves one of the most significant shortcomings of its predecessor. Meanwhile, Arizer hasn’t sacrificed any of its former charm or quality. The design is sleek and stylish, now with a range of subtle colours. Yet, the taste is as good as ever, consistently delivering smooth, cool vapour.

Choosing a vape is a tricky business. It all depends on your wants and needs. While some will have concerns about portability and heat-up times, for most users these factors are unnoticeable. Plus, with several fixes, like replaceable batteries, you can keep vaping for longer. 

Overall, the Arizer Air II is a definite upgrade. With a cost-effective price tag, users get bang for the buck. Out of ten, it earns a respectable 8.5. Suppose you’re planning to use it at home, it’s ideal. However, for those who take their vapes to films or concerts, you’ll be better served by the smaller, more portable devices on the market.

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