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Black Mamba Vaporizer | Read before you buy! | Best vape under £40? (UK Review)

These four sites are the most reputable in the UK and all offer the Black Mamba at competitive prices., Shop Price Code Namaste £36.99 N/A Vape Elevate £36 £32.04 with code GreenSoc2020 Herbalize Store £64 N/A There are a growing number of weed vaporizers under £40 available to buy in the UK. This is a great price point for both those dipping their toe into vaping for the first time or even …

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Best Cheap UK weed vaporizers
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Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers (UK Review)

My favourite vaporizers are the Pax 3 and The Mighty but I appreciate that not everyone wants to drop the best part of a week’s salary on a dry herb vaporizer. For that reason alone, affordable dry herb vaporizer definitely has their place. The first time I made the decision to switch to vaping I …

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