Can seedy change the way we buy and grow cannabis?

Many cannabis enthusiasts like the idea of being self-sufficient and growing their own cannabis – whether it is for recreational or medical purposes. Some may not be interested in taking care of the plant themselves but are more likely to buy their supplies from a known source. With the legalization measures spreading across more and more countries, the subject of growing your own cannabis plant becomes something that can finally be discussed in the open air. Seedy has noticed potential in the growing market and decided to connect like-minded people to change the way they grow and buy cannabis. 

About Seedy

Seedy is an innovate online marketplace set to launch in late 2020. The founder of Seedy, Thomas Lopez, presents a new, fresh vision on home cannabis. His entrepreneurial experience and over three decades of expertise in brand development, marketing and product engineering led him to create this inventive network of cannabis-lovers. The platform seeks to help out supporters of marijuana in growing and selling cannabis, and connecting with others to make lasting contacts that can, for example, lead to business opportunities. Seedy offers not only the availability of getting in touch with people who share the same views on cannabis, but also allows to sell and buy products, used and new equipment and other essential growing commodities. 

Can Seedy change the way we buy and grow cannabis?

There is no doubt that Seedy is a platform like no other – it is a number one digital marketplace where DIY growers can finally connect with potential consumers or business partners. Seedy offers its targeted audience a safe spot, where they can find anything they need when it comes to growing cannabis plants at home. So, no more hours spent on browsing Google in search of safe, trusted websites where you can buy professional equipment – Seedy is a place where you can find everything you need. From tents, lights, fans and filters to seeds and nutes – you can go through Seedy just like you would explore Amazon or Etsy. Moreover, Seedy is currently working on interactive maps that will allow cannabis growers to connect with local dispensaries, cannabis clubs and other like-minded people who are based near you. The platform also creates an amazing opportunity for small vendors, who want to promote their business and find local clientele. Seedy is not only a digital market where you can buy and sell; more importantly it is an online community where cannabis fans can help out each other, give advice and tips on DIY growing and connect in general.

How does it exactly work?

Seedy works just like any other digital marketplace you know – you begin with starting an account! The platform charges a low posting fee and only minimal commissions to ensure that cannabis cultivators have absolute control of their strains and growing and soil conditions. Seedy enables its users to create online stores that can be reached by the global audience, so you should be prepared for connecting with people from all over the world!

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