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Two cannabis products I’ve enjoyed during the pandemic.

I know this sounds so cliche but we really are currently living in unprecedented times. Even if you’re lucky enough to be working, you’re probably doing so from the comfort of your own sofa.

Working from home means I’m not able to enjoy cannabis during the day as I am not able to focus when I’m under the influence of THC which has made managing my anxiety levels during stressful weekdays difficult.

Also, I miss feeling at one with nature and vaping weed outside in the great outdoors. This is a shame because it means I have not been able to enjoy my cannabis as much as I used to before the pandemic.

Thankfully, 420 friendly companies have come to the rescue and have provided weed-heads such as my self with the right products to navigate through this pandemic and uneasy times.

Below are two products I have enjoyed most over the last ten weeks.

CBD Cannabis Herb

As I previously mentioned, I vape weed to calm my anxiety. Unfortunately, I’m unable to vape THC during the day because I’m currently working from home.

This meant I was unable to manage my anxiety levels until I came across CBD Cannabis Herb for the very first time. I purchased 5g from Canna Union and was pleasantly surprised at how it made me feel!

Cannabidiol is just one of the 120+ cannabinoids that are native to the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, its infamous cousin; CBD has zero psychoactive effects. As a result, I can vape it all day and calm my nerves whilst experience no high.

Despite its lack of a high, CBD Herb does share several benefits with traditional cannabis. The strain I’ve enjoyed most is Canna Union’s Silver Haze. I’ve found that it was able to quickly reduce my anxiety and also increasing my focus and productivity.

Canna Union has been my vendor of choice because they are particular with their strains. In particular, their bud has been bred and selected to have a positive effect on your health, both mentally and physically.

Davinci IQ 2

There’s no point in investing in health-promoting CBD Cannabis strains if you’re going to roll it up in a joint and smoke it. When smoked, cannabis combusts at over 1000°c and releases carcinogens and toxins which are then inhaled in your lungs.

This is why I encourage everyone I know to vape!

My dry herb vaporizer of choice is the Davinci IQ 2 which is packed with futuristic technology that ensures some of the best vaping experiences that money can buy.

Its stand-out feature is ‘Smart Paths’.  This allows users to create bespoke vaping journeys by setting the temperature to gradually increase at set points over a ten minute period. Users are able to can save several ‘Smart Paths’ to their phone. This is useful for those of us who desire a different ‘high’ depending on the time of day. I have created particular paths for when I’m working during the day and paths to help me sleep in the evening.

Just like the previous IQ, Davinci IQ 2 has replaceable batteries. This is great because you can carry spares and not have to worry about finding a power source on long trips. The battery has a capacity of 3,500mAh and provides over 90 mins of oven time.

Finally, the Davinci IQ 2 in an absolute stunner and is possibly the most aesthetically pleasing vaporizer available today.

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