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Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers (UK Review)

My favourite vaporizers are the Pax 3 and The Mighty but I appreciate that not everyone wants to drop the best part of a week’s salary on a dry herb vaporizer. For that reason alone, affordable dry herb vaporizer definitely has their place.

The first time I made the decision to switch to vaping I was reluctant to spend over £50 on a device and even now as a certified veteran, if I’m going on holiday I don’t want to take an expensive vape with me.

With vaporizers, the age-old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly holds true but if you look hard enough it is possible to have wonderful vaping experiences for under £75. I suggest sticking to the following three rules:

  1. Avoid any dry herb vaporizers that cost less than £30
  2. Avoid any vaporizers with plastic air paths
  3. There are a lot of vape cowboys – Buy only from reputable vaporizer sellers that offer a full warranty period! From experience, in the UK, only bother with namaste, Everyonedoesit and Vape Elevate. I love Vapefiend too – but they specialise in vapes priced north of £50.


niiceOne – Most Versatile Affordable Vaporizer

niiceone vaporizer with apple accessories
niiceone vaporizer – always next to me when I write!

The NiiceOne is a perfect first-time vaporizer for someone who smokes cannabis in many forms. It is fairly compact and easy to carry around and has a LED touch-screen which is rare for a vape you can buy for less than £75.

? The niiceOne is versatile

If it can get you stoned, the niiceOne can probably vape it!

The niiceOne has a dual ceramic and stainless steel oven which means that it vapes cannabis herbs and hash equally well.

? The niiceOne has a monster battery

A battery can make or break a vaporizer’s performance and the FniiceOnedoes not disappoint.

The Aura boasts a 2680mAh battery that is akin to a battery you’d expect to find in a vaporizer twice the price. It can heat the oven to its max temperature in under sixty seconds whilst still providing enough juice for a full day’s worth of vaping bliss.

? The flat mouthpiece is awkward to use

I’ve had my niiceOne for over 18 months now. The vaporizer itself still works like a dream but I only like one of the two mouthpieces it comes with,

The vaporizer comes with two options: a flat and raised mouthpiece. The raised one is great and is the one I use 99% of the time. However, I find the flat one really difficult to vape with but I guess this may just be my lips!

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Black Mamba – The best cheap dry herb vaporizer for beginners

Black Mamba is so affordable at under £40
Aesthetic for under £30

? The Black Mamba is really easy to use

The Black Mamba‘s ease of use makes it almost a no brainer for someone vaping for the first time.

It’s 1600mAh battery is able to squeeze out enough energy to sufficiently power its insanely powerful conduction oven that is able to reach a temperature of 200c in under 20 seconds flat; a performance similar to the Pax (which is over 5x the price!)

The intense heat your oven generates puts your herbs at risk of combustion but it also removes any learning curve. Many dry herb vaporizers take a particular technique to sufficiently draw vapour from but the Black Mamba produces smoke/vapour so effortlessly you can just puff away and get mashed!

? For a £40 vape, the Black Mamba is built incredibly well

A lot of time and care has been spent ensuring that the Black Mamba is reliable and durable and it shows.

The Mamba’s hard plastic outer casing renders the vaporizer heavier than you’d probably expect which adds to its durability!

Inside the casing is a ceramic oven which is great for flavour but perhaps most impressive is its borosilicate glass air path; though expensive, glass is the best material to transmit steam and is rare in vapes under £10

? The oven is humongous

This is not necessarily a bad thing. I live on my own, so I rarely have anyone to share with my cannabis with. As a result, 0.65-gram oven is a tad too big for me. If you’re likely to pass-pass-puff often with a group of friends more often than vaping solo the oven size is probably a win!

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Dynavap M – Best affordable stealth vaporizer

Stealthy for those on a budget
Holding a Dynavap M

? The Dynavap is powerful and easy to use.

The Dynavap range of vaporizers are insanely easy to use. Unlike most non-battery vaporizers they provide the user with a high degree of control over their vaping experience.

To use, just pop in your herb or concentrate into the 0.1g oven. Apply heat from a lighter or torch and vape away. Depending on where you heat the cap, you can choose between light and flavourful or thick and heavy clouds. With the small bowl size, each hit is intense.

?The Dynavap is stealthy

They Dynavap is about as discreet as a vaporizer can get. It is literally the same size as a cigarette and it provides powerful hits in under 10 seconds. You can be in a room, whip it out, vape and by the time anyone notices a smell the Dynavap is back in your pocket with no one none the wiser!

? I don’t miss ‘the ritual’ that the Dynavap requires

Smoking cannabis had a ritual that some people enjoy; I didn’t, I was always terrible at skinning up.

For me personally, electric vaporizers are just convenient, especially when I’m on the go. The Dynavap’s oven at 0.1g is so small that you’ll be refilling the chamber after every couple of hits.

However again, if you microdose throughout the day, short power hits is probably a win.

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The Shatterizer – Best cheap vaporizer for concentrates

Get mashed on concentrates for under £40
So petite!

? The Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer is TINY

You’ll be amazed at how small the Shatterizer is. It literally fits into the palm of your hand. This makes the vaporizer really portable. The Shatterizer is a great option for when you’re on the go and want the option to microdose sporadically.

? The battery life is phenomenal

A vaporizer that is designed for travel would is also expected to have a battery that can last at least a day. The Shatterizer’s battery lasts that and then some!

When fully charged, the Shatterizer’s 1,100mAh battery lasts for at least 70 hits – if you have vaped concentrates before you’ll know that is enough to last a week!!!

? The Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer is not very stealthy

Whilst small, this device is not very stealthy at all; mainly due to the bulb at the top of the vaporizer. As soon as you pull it out, people are going to wonder what it is you’re doing; especially when the bulb fills up with vapour!

Totem – Best budget Dry Herb Vaporizer for sharing

Great for sharing and cheap too!
Stack ’em up!

The Totem is a fairly new vaporizer that my friend bought a few weeks ago and I haven’t spent too much time with it yet. Nonetheless, the one session I did have was effective and fun. I feel it brings a new dynamic to dry herb vaporizing – once I get my own one I’ll do a full review (hint, hint!).

? The Totem is a great vaporizer for sharing with friends

This vaporizer was clearly designed for parties. Whilst it works just fine as an individual vape, it works even better when used with friends. With Totem mode, you can connect two or more Totem vaporizers together to create one giant hybrid vaporizer. When in Hybrid Mode, you can connect two Totem vaporizers end-to-end to obtain blowbacks either with one full chamber or two full chambers to create a super-charged hit.

We used to do blowback – chokies when I was a teenager ( not advised for anyone under 18!) and they used to mess me up. It was quite nostalgic doing blowbacks again with the Totem.

? The battery life isn’t great

The battery only lasted 50 mins which when you’re sharing, messing around isn’t really long enough for a decent session.

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