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Top 7 strains for this summer

When you think about weed, you sometimes disregard the fact that there are a lot of different kinds, so-called strains. We have compiled a small list of the best ones for you to try this summer:

  • ☑️ Sunset sherbert
  • ☑️ G13
  • ☑️ Bubba kush
  • ☑️ Super lemon haze
  • ☑️ Green crack
  • ☑️ Death star
  • ☑️ Strawberry cough

Sunset Sherbert

I tried Sherbert for the first time after receiving a batch from 420sixty cannabis delivery. Sherbert inherits the genetic lineage of its GSC parent, whose ancestors include the famed OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Durban Poison. Sherbert exhibits powerful full-body effects elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy. This strain is an Indica-leaning hybrid with powerful results. In itself, it consists of 18.5% THC.


Consisting of 18.5% THC G13 is a very potent strain. This strain comes not only with the experience it provides but with many urban myths. One of which is that the CIA bred this strain in their underground labs to make this super strain. It was supposedly liberated from the laboratories.

Bubba kush

The THC levels of this strain are a little bit lower than the previous two. It kind of has a bad reputation for its tranquillizer effects. Muscles fall to sleep. Stress disappears while you wander off to your imagination. It is stated that Bubba Kush emerged just after 1996 when an OG Kush pollinated an unknown Indica strain obtained in New Orleans. 

Super lemon haze

This strain comes with a different taste, literally. Super Lemon Haze consists of 17% THC and 1% CBG, and it delivers lemony, zesty and a little sweet flavour. The effects are not what you would think. It has quite an energetic punch.

Green crack

A couple of words describe this strain well – fruity flavoured. With 17 % THC, it delivers what it is expected to. An excellent summertime strain that mellows you down. This one is just the right thing to choose when you are having troubles with depression, stress and fatigue.

Death star

19.5% THC proves to be a worthy opponent to some people. It is a very potent mix and justifies its name. It might not be the death star for Star Wars, but it does provide a powerful buzz. This Ohio native gives a universe-like buzz.

Strawberry cough

For all those who love strawberries and berries, this one will suit you – a potent strain like no other with a fruity twist. Even if it is considered an intense kind, it provides you with euphoria like no other. And will help you quite a bit when you encounter periods of elevated stress.

Why smoke weed in the summer?

If you are looking to relax in the summer, have fun with friends and just take the edge off, then you can start with one of the seven strains we listed in the top. Each one has its moments. If you are unwell, you should try the Strawberry cough strain as it is known that in the time of need, it can lighten the mood. And it comes with the sweet and savoury taste of strawberry and who doesn’t like strawberries.

On the other hand, when you are looking for a potent mix you can take a look upon the Death Star, there is no Vader or Palpatine, but it sure appeals to the kid inside all of us when you choose this strain.

Of course, not everybody wants to daze off when he consumes weed. Some people search for something else—the search for feeling alive. A couple of things in life provide you with that feeling – being alive. And everybody needs to find that for themselves. But there is a particular strain that can provide you with the same sense. Without a doubt, the strain we are talking about is the Super lemon haze.

And in the end, there is Bubba Kush. Use it to relax, to read, to meditate or to sleep. As it does provide you with all that, and much more. It introduces you to a whole new world within yourselves that you are free to investigate – all the hows and whys in one place. Searching for answers while feeling at peace.

To have a good time with these strains for the upcoming summer, you need to get to know them. I hope that our little synopsis will do just that. We didn’t tell you everything, of course, as that would take away the fun you could have to explore them. We gave you the statistic and the facts, but it is up to you to find the best strain for this summer.

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