The Definitive Guide on Topical CBD

We’re all crazy about edibles, oils, and raw flowers. In fact, you can visit most online CBD brands and find that their selection will typically be limited to just that. But there are others that move beyond the basics. With extensive research, scientists have found that CBD is more than what we initially thought it to be. Proving itself to be a miracle plant more and more, hemp is slowly but surely seeping into every industry we’ve come to know.

Topical CBD products have been around for quite a while. And although they have their own fair share of benefits, most of us just toss them into the shopping cart to reach a minimum spend requirement for free shipping (you know you’ve done it, too.) But the truth is, these underrated products often don’t get the credit their potent formulations deserve.

How Do They Work?

It’s obvious how smokables, edibles, and vapes work, but how do topicals work? Other sorts of CBD and hemp products make a change by infusing into the bloodstream. But topicals, on the other hand, have a more localized function. When applied to the skin, these products will penetrate the superficial layers and interact with endocannabinoid receptors in the area. So now, you won’t get a generalized response the way that smoking hemp does. But what you can do is target specific areas of your body with the benefits that a specific CBD topical provides.

What Kinds of CBD Topicals Are There?

Just as there are a sundry of different skincare solutions, so too are there a plethora of CBD-infused topical products. If you can find a specific kind of skincare formulation, you can bet that there will be some CBD version of it somewhere in the world. But then again, not all of these products are made for the same purpose.


Intended to be a daily solution, CBD lotions are mild, gentle formulations that are developed to target common issues that you might have with your skin. Maybe its uneven skin tone, dryness, blemishes, or sun exposure. Whatever the case, you’d be sure to find a specific CBD lotion that’s intended for your skin issue.


Creams are heavier than lotions and will typically not be as easily absorbed into the skin. The purpose of cream is usually to trap moisture by creating an extra barrier on the surface of your skin. Creams are also effective at protecting the skin from damage like UV exposure. These products will usually leave a thick film on the skin and may be sticky in texture.

Salves and Balms

Developed for its healing properties, the CBD salve is perhaps the most popular topical product on a CBD store’s shelf. Specially formulated for all sorts of issues, a CBD salve can be used to address pain, inflammation, rashes, allergies and even wound healing. These make a great choice for those just in case moments, for athletes, or for elderly individuals who might be more prone to aches.

How to Choose CBD-Infused Topicals

Of course, there are a wealth of other types of topical products like shampoos, soaps, lip balms, and even cosmetics. All of these different formulations serve a distinct purpose, and they can be a smart choice if you want to experience the benefits of CBD on a more holistic level. But be warned – not all topicals are worth the dime.

Here’s how to make sure you’re choosing something worthwhile.

Read the Labels

There’s a world’s worth of knowledge contained in product labelling. Aside from the ingredients, some brands will also include directions for use and contraindications to guarantee safe usage. Another thing about labels is that they should warn you of a potentially unsatisfying product. For example, a tub of CBD infused cream with nothing more on its container than a company logo doesn’t give you enough information to prove the quality of the formulation inside.

Learn More About Ingredients

There are certain types of ingredients that have been found to be dangerous when incorporated into a topical product. Parabens, for example, have been known to cause hormonal dysfunction, but they’re still included in a wide array of skincare products. Sodium lauryl sulphate is another common additive that has been found to strip the skin of its natural oils. When buying CBD infused topical products, it’s always best to go for all-natural formulations or those with as few synthetic ingredients as possible. Buy from brands like Industrial Hemp Farms because they mention whether they include any synthetic ingredients, if at all, in their CBD oils. It’s better to go with a company that is transparent about what they’re adding in their products than to go with a company that tries to slide things through you and hope that you don’t notice it. 

Check the Brand

What does this specific CBD product manufacturer stand for? Learning more about the brand itself should shed light on the quality of the products they offer. Read up on reviews and find out what others had to say, as well as their experience using the formulations you’re keen on buying. It’s not enough to read reviews on an official website – really scour the web. Check social media and Reddit which are usually rich with independent information on specific CBD brands.

Know What You Need

Every topical is made for a different purpose. The more you know what you need, the better chances you have of buying something that will satisfy your preferences. Different ingredients will target different issues, so if you want to address discolouration, buy a formulation for discolouration. If you’re interested in hydrating your skin, a deep moisturizing lotion or cream should be your best bet. Really, there’s a reason why every formulation is different. Avoid generalized products that claim to be an all-in-one solution.

More Than Skin Deep

The miracle of hemp has really opened the doors for a wide variety of self-care products. And while you might have thought they were nothing more than a cart filler, these products are backed by strong anecdotal evidence that supports their efficacy in treating a wide array of skin problems. So, whether it’s for an allergic reaction, for achy, tired muscles, or for improving skin health and appearance overall, you can be sure there’s a premium CBD-infused formulation just for your needs.

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