My first 7 days with CBD Oil

I suffer from extreme anxiety and as a result, have not been on a plane now for over 15 years.

However, last year I got married and was invited to visit my husband’s family abroad for the first time.

The last time I attempted to fly, I became a nervous wreck and had to cancel the flight so I was quite worried about the prospect of going to an airport again.

After days of worrying my friend mentioned off chance that she had successfully treated her anxiety with CBD Oil

Because I wanted to avoid ever going back on anti-depressants I decided to give it a go.

I carried out some research and read on www.naijalifeblog.com that there was research available that suggested CBD had helped treat anxiety and depression so I decided to give it a go!

I purchased Jacob Hooy CBD Oil from Holland and Barret as it had unamolously positive reviews.

Day 1

I started my day by placing 2 drops in my camomile tea and within 20 mins I felt a wave of relaxation wash over me. So much so, that I actually went back to sleep!

That hasn’t happened in years; a real treat!

Day 2

Day 2 was always going to be a challenge. I was due to drive into the City for an appointment and rush hour traffice always puts me in risk of a panic attack.

I started the day with 2 drops in my tea again and jumped in the car. Whilst I wasn’t anxiety free, I did definitley feel the difference.

Day 3

I had another busy day ahead of me, I had to go shopping for gifts to bring with me for my holiday. I took 2 drops in my decaf coffee and could feel calm after twenty minutes.
I normally hate shopping centres but I was so calm, even thinking about our flight in a few days time. I really enjoyed picking out nice gifts to bring.

Day 4

I took 2 drops in morning as I was packing for our trip. I felt happy and calm and was even able to tidy the house before our flight, I was so proud of myself.

Day 5

I took 2 drops in the morning, our flight was in the afternoon so I had some time for to feel more in control.
I am a anxious person anyway but I was terrified about planes for so long. Just before leaving for the airport I took another 2.
I was calm when we went through security, I even bought some make up in the duty-free.
I bought some newspapers and we began boarding the plane. I was calm during the flight, I actually enjoyed it and we landed safely.

Day 6

I am in Netherlands, so I decided to go looking for cbd oil when Im here. My family in law totally understood and were supportive.
I bought some from a shop. So I had 2 drops and went sightseeing.

In conclusion.
I do really feel calm, I don’t have as much mood swings either.
I feel that cbd has helped me manage my anxiety in a more healthy way.
I feel more in control and I will definitly keep taking this Cbd Oil!

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