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How to Safely Buy Weed on the Dark Web in the UK

Unlike many other developed nations across the globe, the UK continues prohibiting the use and sale of cannabis. These draconian measures limit the public’s access to safe cannabis products and the freedom to choose how they want to medicate. While potentially deadly opioids and NSAIDs remain legal, cannabis is still prohibited.

Online drug marketplaces give people the freedom to choose what they put into their bodies. Buying drugs off the street is a sketchy process. The consumer is placed face to face with a potentially dangerous individual and subjected to zero quality control. Buying weed online is a much safer experience, protected by distance, anonymity, and a highly effective review system.

Buying weed online can seem daunting to those new to the dark web, but rest assured, this method is much safer than any other method outside of a government-regulated process. Ensure that your product and money are safe by buying weed from a dark web marketplace. Below are the necessary steps to purchase weed over the internet in the UK.

  • Encrypt your IP address
  • Find a marketplace
  • Buy Cryptocurrency
  • Purchase your weed
  • Enjoy!

Download Tor to Hide Your Location

Tor browser
If used correctly, TOR promises to hide your activity online.

The first step to purchasing weed from the dark web is downloading Tor. To access the dark web, you must have your IP address hidden. TOR is free, open-source software that enables anonymous communication by funnelling traffic through an overlay network. Over seven thousand digital relays will protect your request to the marketplace.

Anonymity is required to accessing the dark web and also masks your location from law enforcement. When you visit a site on the visible web, the portion of the internet readily available from any internet browser, a digital footprint is left where ever you go. Tor allows users to navigate the internet without leaving a trace, essential for those of us looking to buy products the United Kingdom has deemed illegal.

Tor isn’t the only way to hide your IP address and access the dark web, but it is by far the most popular. Check out these other options. The developers at Tor recommend using Onion Browser if you plan on accessing the dark web from your IOS device.

We encourage online anonymity for more reasons than accessing cannabis. However, never use the browser you buy weed with on the visible web. Download an alternative or choose from the many VPN services.

Find an Online Retailer on the Dark Web

weed on the dark market
Like Amazon…. but WEED!

Ross Ulbricht famously developed the first black market online marketplace called Silk Road. The site was eventually shut down by the FBI in 2011 and Ulbricht is serving two life prison terms in federal prison.

Silk Road may be dead, but the online black market is thriving. There are dozens of options to choose from built on the foundation created by dark web pioneer Ross Ulbricht.

For a comprehensive list of active dark web markets (DNM), head over to DN Stats. They outline the advantages and disadvantages of each marketplace and provide each URL. We recommend using White House Market because they are believed to be the most secure. They disallow Javascript, enforce PGP throughout and only accept Monero (XMR). Their mission is to become the most secure DNM to ever of existed.

It is important to find your preferred marketplace before buying crypto because many only accept certain types. White House Market, for example, only takes Monero for security purposes. According to Crypto Blog, Bitcoin.com ‘public chains like bitcoin can be inspected by anyone with a block explorer or forensic analysis tool, Monero provides no such luxury.’

Don’t know which to choose? We suggest checking out Kilos. A darknet search engine that will direct you to the DNM with the product you are seeking. 

Buy Cryptocurrency

coinbase and btc
No word of a lie… I had over 10BTC back in 2014 and I spent it all on weed. Today that would be worth £500k! ? 

For those already hip to the crypto space, you can skip this step. If you are new to buying and trading cryptocurrency, navigate (on the visible web) to an exchange platform. There are hundreds of these sites available the most popular being Coinbase and BitFinance.

Set up an account and add money to your new crypto wallet. You will have the choice of thousands of cryptocurrencies, make sure you choose the one that aligns with your DNM.

Buy Some Weed Online

Most DNMs use an escrow system. This means you send your crypto to the marketplace instead of the seller. If you aren’t satisfied with your order, you can send your cryptocurrency back to your wallet. The escrow system creates a layer of protection between the buyer and seller.

Now you can dive into a world of different strains with detailed descriptions and reviews. DNMs are built on feedback, keeping everyone honest. Sellers are looking to build a reputation on the dark web by delivering what they promise, the review system makes this possible. Make sure to check the product and seller reviews before making a purchase.

Once you have picked out the perfect strain, the seller will get a notification and mail you the product in a discreet, smell-proof bag.

Once you get the product the seller will have access to the crypto from your escrow account. If anything were to go wrong, you can file a complaint with the DNM and get your money back. Be sure to write a review whether you had a good or bad experience with the seller. Remember, all interactions are anonymous. A seller can’t track you down over a bad review. 

Enjoy Your New Connect

Until the UK decides to join the US and Canada by legalising cannabis, this is the safest method to scoring drugs. Buying illegal drugs off the internet can seem insane to those new to the darknet, but it is slowly becoming the norm. According to a Global Drugs Survey, nearly 30% of UK drug users buy their products over the internet. The anonymity granted by Tor and cryptocurrency provides the protection you need to access drugs that should be legal. DNMs also protect users by allowing consumers to view feedback and quickly weed out unethical sellers.

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