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HØJ Is The Most Exciting New 420 Brand

HØJ, meaning ‘high’ in Danish, underpins every aspect of this herbally-focused entirely-modern brand. Not only is their focus to get YOU high, but also to maintain high-quality standards while holding the environment in high esteem. If that’s not enough high for you – they’re also set to hit new heights by topping the herb accessory market.

And it’s no mystery as to why they’re switching up the 420 scenes. They’re bursting onto it – joints blazing – with revolutionary ideas in mind. Using state-of-the-art technology and engineering, they’ve succeeded in bringing the old-school smoking world into the future.

Gone are the days of the sluggish grinder annihilating your herb before falling asunder – HØJ’s gadgets are set to last a lifetime while forging lifelong company-customer relationships.

HØJ knows that you’re smart-smoker and won’t settle for less. They’ve optimized user experience by fine-tuning even the smallest detail to squeeze every last drop out of your valuable herb. 

They have even manifested their gratitude towards our wonderful herb-giving planet by implementing eco-friendly choices in their product design processes. 

And if you’re not yet convinced, perhaps its approval by Forbes, Cannabis Magazine, or Straininsider will change your mind. They’re all of the same opinions – HØJ is a game-changer and here to stay.

But why is what they’re doing particularly revolutionary?

A good grinder or pipe may not seem detrimental to the smoking experience, right? Herb is herb after all, and it all depends on its quality.


The right equipment makes all the distance. A good grinder can help your flower reach its optimal potency without crushing it to unusable bits in the meantime. A quality grinder will ‘fluff’ your herb to give an even spread in every joint. It’ll burst those little trichomes right open and free the high-giving cannabinoids for you to enjoy.

So, how have HØJ incorporated this into their products? Meet the Klip:


klip hoj grinder

The Klip uses dual-blades to finally slice through even the trickiest herb to give a smooth finish while maintaining the integrity of the herb for ultimate potency. And it won’t even take any undue effort on your part – built with all capacities in mind – the grinder turns and opens with ease (a 10-degree turn level of ease to be exact.) 

“How’s that even possible?” you might be asking. Magnetic technology is the answer. By suspending the central segment between magnets, the sharp blades don’t turn – they spin effortlessly. Which means you’ll not only get a better result, you’ll also be able to start smoking faster!

Even better is that the entire Klip experience is customizable. With three sets of control discs, collection meshes, and funnels that all easily snap into place – you’re always in control. 

And once you’ve done your grinding – you’ll need something to enjoy it with.


kol hoj grinder in pocket

HØJ have you covered with the KØL – a modern take on the classic pipe. Its waterless magnetic design makes for a pipe as you’ve never seen before. With its microchannel design, the KØL effortlessly strips heat from the herb which then passes through its stainless steel filter. All of these innovations work together to make a smoother experience that leads to less pesky coughing immediately and in the long run.

Its magnetic design also means that you simply have to click it apart, fill it up, and snap it together again – simple as. And all with the result of one of the best smoking experiences ever. Both accessories can be effortlessly cleaned with minimal effort. There’s no difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies so a simple wipe could even have them looking good as new.

And there you have it. Just some of the reasons why HØJ is the next big thing in the 420 markets. Don’t pass up on the chance to snap up an HØJ gadget today. Who knows, it might even revolutionize your world.

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