Who am I?

Welcome to The Green Society!

My name is Anthony, I live and work in London and believe myself to be somewhat of a cannabis connoisseur.

I’ve been vaping now since 2010 and my collection of dry herb vaporizers is now nearly fifty strong.

Between me and my friends, we purchase literally every single vaporizer that reaches the UK. On the 1st of January 2019, I made a resolution to do something productive and decided to write about as many of my experiences as possible.

The plan is to build a plethora of news and product reviews covering vaporizers, E Liquids and cannabis.

About my rating system

Our rating system is quite simple but is also very objective. Regardless of its price, I score each and every vaporizer on the same 5 metrics :

  • Battery life: How many sessions can I get out of a charging cycle? Can I vape whilst its charging? How long does it take to charge from empty to full?
  • Vapour Quality: How does it taste? Is it cooled or does it burn the back of my throat? How efficiently does it extract cannabinoids and terpenes from my cannabis?
  • Ease of use: How intuitive is it? How easily does it produce vapour? Does it vape well on all temperatures?
  • Power: How quickly does it heat the entire contents of my oven? Can it create thick clouds?
  • Value for money: How well does its performance match up to its price tag?

I then take an average of the 5 metrics to assign a final score out of 10.

Alongside this scoring system, I always ask a more open question about what the particular vaporizer was trying to achieve and try and find the answer to that whilst I’m using it.

I hope the result is fair, unbiased and objective reviews that help you find the perfect device for your needs whether you’re a recreational or medical user!

Green Society Manifesto :

  • Every review will always be unbiased and trustworthy
  • I support the European Free Vaping initiative
  • Vaping > Smoking!

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