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Black Widow Vaporizer UK Review

The Black Mamba has reigned supreme as the best budget vaporizer for the last few years now. However, a vaporizer with a similar price, similar name but different manufacturer has also forged itself a sizeable following amongst the budget vaping crowd. I purchased the Black Widow from Kronic Vapes. I had never heard of these …

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CBD touching

Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Top 7 Questions answered

Every day millions of people ask Google difficult questions. In order to help educate and help change attitudes towards cannabis, we decided to answer the 7 most popular questions on Google about Full Spectrum CBD Oil. What is CBD? The Cannabis family of plants is one of the most interesting and complex plants. Cannabis actually …

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Best Cheap UK weed vaporizers
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Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers (UK Review)

My favourite vaporizers are the Pax 3 and The Mighty but I appreciate that not everyone wants to drop the best part of a week’s salary on a dry herb vaporizer. For that reason alone, affordable dry herb vaporizer definitely has their place. The first time I made the decision to switch to vaping I …

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