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My favourite 420 purchases of 2019 (…so far!)

2019 appears to be the year that cannabis has reversed years of propaganda and won the hearts and minds of the public as we become better educated on the benefits of this wonderfully complex plant.

Cannabis companies have responded to this increased demand by releasing some really great products. There has never been a better time to enjoy cannabis.

Below are my three favourite purchases of 2019!

Cannabox – best for smoking accessories

Great smoking accessories
Great Smoking Accessories

Today there are literally subscription boxes available for everything and the cannabis industry is catching up. However, Cannabox is the only subscription box worth your time due to its ease of use, great themes and top quality smoking accessories.

There’s nothing worse than running out of accessories and having to run to the shop mid-session. Since joining Cannabox, this has never happened to me. They’ve kept me fully stocked up on exclusive pipes, premium glass pipes and rolling papers.

Furthermore, they have just launched a special online smoke shop where you can buy top quality smoking products. This month I purchased the Puffco Peak (review pending!). Cannabox had it at the best price I could find anywhere online.

Whether your purchase from the outlet or using the subscription, your items will arrive in a non-descript box. I have mine delivered to my office and my colleagues have no idea that my parcel is packed full of cannabis goodies!

What sets Cannabox apart for other subscriptions? Rather than sending you the same gear every month, Cannabox’s team of cannabis experts take the time to curate specially themed boxes. This keeps membership quirky and fun!

Dynavap M 2019 (for micro-dosing)

My new dynavap m 2019 review
Turned me into a non-battery convert!

Microdosing involves taking very small doses of cannabis at regular schedules throughout the day. It is reputed to provide all the benefits of cannabis without the high.

I’m a micro-dosing convert and use quick, stealthy sessions to take the edge of work during the day. The Dynavap M 2019 is perfect for this because it is incredibly small and heats up within a few seconds.

I can pop outside my office, take out my Dynavape and before anyone notices a smell, the vape is back in my pocket!

What sets the Dynavap M apart from its competition?: The Dynavap’s VapCap really is a work of genius.

I’ve used several batteryless vaporizers in the past and it can be difficult to correctly judge the temperature of their ovens. The Dynavap solves this difficulty with their handy little invention. As soon as the VapCap reaches between 170 – 205 c it’ll click to let you know its time to vape.

Once it cools to 130c it’ll click again to remind you to add more heat or to wrap up your session.

There really is nothing like it

Hemper Keeper 3-1 storage

Great for stashing

Travelling with a cannabis stash has is foibles. More often than not, it is messy, inconvenient and you end up losing bits everywhere.

The Hemper Keep looks to solves this. It allows you to keep your bud, ground material and grinder all in one handy case! It holds around 3 grams. For me, this is enough cannabis to keep my high for a few days. Considering it is plastic, the grinder is surprisingly effective too.

What sets the Hemper Keeper apart from the competition? The Hemper Keeper has a handy removable and flexible tether. Using this you can clip your stash pretty much anywhere; on your belt, bag, or even your keychain.

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