Best Cheap UK weed vaporizers

Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers (UK Review)

My favourite vaporizers are the Pax 3 and The Mighty but I appreciate that not everyone wants to drop the best part of a week’s salary on a dry herb vaporizer. For that reason alone, affordable dry herb vaporizer definitely has their place. The first time I made the decision to switch to vaping I …

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Best Dry Herb Vaporizer UK in 2019
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The 10 best UK dry herb vaporizers – 2019

I gave up smoking cannabis nearly a decade ago when vaping was in its infancy and haven’t looked back since. Back then you only had a choice of one or two vaporizers and you had to import them from Europe or America. Now the UK is inundated with dozens of different models of dry herb …

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Vaping E Liquid
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How often have you tried to quit smoking but repeatedly realized that you couldn’t live without the smell of tobacco? How often have you thought of eating different kinds of foods but were horrified about actually piling on the calories? How often do you remember with nostalgia the smell of your favorite childhood food which …

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Pax 3 full review 2019
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Pax 3 UK Review – still worth it in 2019?

The Pax 3 was released in November 2016 which will make it 3 years old by the end of the year. Despite this, it is still one of the pricier vapes available today and hasn’t really dropped in value since its launch, which makes it worth asking – Is the Pax 3 still worth the …

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